Give an animal a second chance by giving him or her a loving home!  Adopt here in Costa Rica or if you live in the US, we've helped many people take their pets back with their new owners so we know what to do!


Every day we bring animals into our home, give medical care, food and more to those animals in need.  We use a vet often as many cases are quite serious so our vet bills add up.  Every bit helps so please donate today! 

We're located in Nuevo Arenal by the lake. We are conveniently off the main road between La Fortuna-Monteverde-Liberia so you'll most likely drive right by us in your travels through CR!  

We have a love for animals and are dedicated to making a difference every day.  We have a great community and local vet who help us when we need it.  Find out more about H&H and our community...